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LEAP believes
in one key rule of advertising; people buy on emotion

It doesn’t matter how much your product, service or campaign makes sense, if it’s boring, dull or lifeless it just won’t make an impact. What you need is to add a little LEAP

How Much Can I LEAP?

At LEAP we offer a range of packages, all designed to give your advertising a little spring in it’s step
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LEAP Strategy

We’ll storyboard a strategy for you to take your product to market and achieve results. We’ll do the market research, we’ll look at your existing marketing and make sure that the strategy both stands out and compliments it, we’ll do the forecasting and make sure that the strategy is one that’s ready to implement and deliver results.

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We’ll test-market a campaign for you, running it how we would a full scale campaign, on a micro-scale. We’ll commit a team of 5-10 people to test the water and allow both us and you to assess the viability of launching a full sized campaign. These tests can last anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months, in order to allow us enough qualitative and quantitive data to make a mutual decision.

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LEAP Hands-On

We’ll give you access to our marketing team who will execute your existing strategy to the letter, allowing you the convenience of a large team at your disposal instantly.

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LEAP Hands-Off

We can handle your entire marketing campaign, from inception to completion. Tell us your objectives and we’ll do all the leg work, delivering you results in a timely fashion. We’ll handle every aspect, you just need to tell us what you want it to look like!

What Makes
A Campaign Leap


We’ll find new routes to market for your brand, thinking of different ways to engage your audience.


We’ll do your work with a smile on our face. We believe in having fun in everything that we do.

High Energy

We’re a fast-paced business. We don’t believe in the stuffy, cubicle world of the 9-5. We’re a high-octane, energetic company and we firmly believe that’s required to give your work a LEAP in results.

High Standards

We pride ourselves on our results. We don’t need to be overstated or flashy, we simply let our work to the talking for us; put simply you won’t find a more professional level of representation for your promotions.


By specializing in in-person promotions, we’re able to effectively communicate your brands values in a way that’s unique to every customer. We can interact, we can engage, we can make them feel special.


Our promotions will LEAP up your customer base, all whilst driving reputation and awareness of your brand and delivering on the most important thing for our clients; the bottom line figure.